Airline Passenger Safety Tips
Airline Passenger Safety Tips
In an effort to better accomplish our mission statement, the Orlando Sanford Airport Fire Rescue Department has provided these safety tips for the flying public to become more involved with their own safety as an airline passenger.
  1. A safe flight can begin as early as booking your flight. Safety percentages indicates that non-stop flights if possible are the way to go; 79.9% of all airline accidents occur during the takeoff and landing phase of a flight.
  2. Pay attention as you enter the aircraft, know were your exits are. Count the rows of seats to the nearest exits, starting when you board the plane, then the over wing exits, other exits throughout the plane. Your closest exit could be right behind you.
  3. Read the in flight safety card and pay attention as you follow along with the flight attendants oral safety briefing. As you listen envision yourself going through the motion. Remember the information contained in the safety cards can save your life.
  4. Know your responsibilities. If you are seated next to an emergency exit, you may have to open it after you have determined that it is safe to do so. You need both physical prowess and a cool head.
  5. Do not self medicate. Many people will fortify themselves with a preflight tranquilizer or stiff drink; this muddles thinking and won’t help anything.
  6. During a flight keep your seat belt fastened and keep movement around the plane to a minimum.
  7. Dress accordingly. What you wear can also affect survivability. Do not wear shorts and try not to wear short sleeves. Also wear hard soled shoes, not sandals. Do not wear synthetic material; it will melt under high heat. Women should not wear pantyhose.
Medical Tips For A Safe Flight
  1. If you have motion sickness problems, take your medication in time so it will have maximum effectiveness.
  2. If you will require Oxygen or special handling, make prior arrangements with the airlines.
  3. If you have asthma bring inhalers to cover the flight.
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